Shipping and return policies for Initiated

Shipping Info
Notice that the postage costs so much because the Finnish postal system is quite expensive, so nothing we can do, unfortunately.

Outside Finland WE RECOMMEND YOU TO ORDER MULTIPLE ITEMS AT ONCE WITH FRIENDS as the postage cost as much for several items than for only one item. Fuck Finnish postal rates.

All orders are shipped within 7 days on SECOND CLASS shipment. As Finnish postal rates exceeded the ridiculous in 2014 and been rising ever since, we've decided to ship with slower yet cheaper shipping option as otherwise the postage would cost way too much (it's quite a lot this way too...). As we ship from Finland that means that orders from EU countries should be received in a week or two after shipping. Outside EU you should prepare youself for two weeks (unless you want to pay much more), sometimes even more, so please be patient.

IN CASE YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET STUFF FASTER (AND PAY MORE) please leave us a note with the order.
Return Policy
We cannot guarantee 100% that there will be no losses or damages after we've shipped the stuff, but we'll pack them as safe as we can, at the same time keeping the weight of the packages and therefore the postage costs as low as possible.

But whenever there's some problems receiving the stuff or with the condition of the stuff, feel free to contact us (via contact form or email) and let's see what we can do: initiatedband [at] gmail [dot] com